Welcome to our blog, where we will be hosting info for this upcoming book project “Lake Champlain : Our Basin of Relations.”

Champlain Rainbow-


Featuring the fine-art photography of Mike Sipe and the writing and curating of Trevien Stanger, this book aims to illuminate the State of Lake Champlain in a compelling and informative coffee-table book.

Extraordinary Light-3

Through the subtle, transportive magic of Mike’s photography, this book will stand on its own as a marvelous collection of gorgeous images made throughout the Lake Champlain Basin.  From tumbling mountain brooks, to meandering lowland rivers, to the windy broads of the Lake’s ethereal depths, these pictures remind us of the specialness, and vastness, of this flowing geography.   Simultaneously, several images also reveal what is at stake:

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And here is where the twin arts of literature and story-telling will enter.  By including short, inspiring stories from a variety of environmental professionals and advocates throughout the Basin, it is our intention to inform our readers about the pressing problems, and the blooming solutions, facing our shared home.  With stories and photos working in tandem, we hope to intrigue our readers to become more active citizens for clean water culture, and to inspire others to begin “Thinking Like a Watershed.

If you are interesting in finding out how to submit a piece for publication, please visit the “Submit” tab.

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to having you along with us for the journey.

yours in the basin,

Trevien Stanger and Mike Sipe



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