About the Editor



Editor’s Statement:

Ahoy!  My name is Trevien Stanger, and I am a poet, tree-planter, educator, and writer living and working in the Champlain Basin.

Since my early twenties, I have worked seasonally for the Intervale Conservation Nursery, where I lead crews in completing ecological restoration projects along Vermont’s rivers and wetlands.  Throughout this decade of tree-planting I  have witness first hand the  realities of Lake Champlain’s clean water issues, while also helping play a small, direct role in helping generate new technical and cultural responses to the situation.  For more on how this has shaped my thinking and action, please consider reading an essay I published in the Burlington Free Press this past winter, entitled “Thinking Like a Watershed.”

Within the world of water quality work here in the Champlain Basin, there are hundreds of passionate people working daily to find solutions.  However, I’m often reminded that outside of this knowledgeable bubble of brilliance, there are thousands more people living and working in the Champlain Basin who do not, for a variety of reasons, feel very informed about the situation nor feel empowered to get involved.  One of the motivations of this project is help create a new, high-quality, beautiful channel through which more of our fellow watershed citizens can become informed and engaged.


Thank you for your time, and please check back often for updates on our progress!

mountains and rivers,